Black Hole Data Theory Solution

Our percieved reality and everything in it is a reslut of evolution across multiple universes. Steven Hawkings new theory on black holes (at least as discovery channel told me) considers that the data lost into black holes is not lost, but vented into other universes. In parallel universes that back hole is not there so no data loss. The universes evolve into the result of the ones with the fewest black holes. [Insert Steven Hawkins Black Hole Data Revision Theory Here].
This works directly like my bubble theory.

When all the black holes reconnect into one, the universe will explode out of it self into a new multiverse.

So the universe we live in shares the number of black holes with all other existing parallel universes. Slowly all the data will coalesce into one final and ultimate Black Hole. When the final black hole draws in the final bit of data from this side it will explode into a Big Bang to the other side and everything will begin again.

So the final universe will constantly oscilate back and forth between the two maximum expansion scenarios, all the while uniquely evolving into the most likely universe to exist when it is first consciously observed. This universe will evolve parallel with an, initially, infinte number of other universes that all share the data stream.

As the universes expand, and matter becomes seperated, it will slowly form into masses (planets on the grand scale) by gravity. Gravity begins as visible matter coalesces, from everything in uniform space and time into black holes over billions (or more) of years. The first step is the instant that two bits of data passed through the final black hole collide and form a new heavier bit that is easier for all the following bits to hit. As the amount of dark matter increases by being drawn into these black holes, space will brighten and evolve into the state that we see it.
[earlier gravity theory]

If we combine them with a positive philosophy for life as we know it and we can ensure that our universe has the last black hole. [data flowing into a black hole]

Meaning the energy binding our matter is stronger than all the dark matter energy in the universe; which is just the measurement of the weight of all the data that has coalesced thru black holes into the multiple coexisting universes we percieve currently as the dark, empty, cold void we call space.

Of course all of this is only theoretical and unprovable, including Mr. Hawking’s theory.

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