Gravity: Squirrel Style

Every atom [insert smallest particle you’ve “discovered” here] in your body is being effected and affected by gravity.

But we don’t know what gravity is.

I do.

Gravity is the observation of coalesation of shared matter across multiple dimensions.


Can you have gravity without time? Time without gravity?


Quantum Physics? All that crazy shit to look really really really small. To see that objects tend to orbit each other. electrons?
Astronomy? All that “true” observation of the history of the universe. The light that reaches us today from a planet 100 light years away, is 100 years old.

Hey look kids, time travel!

Look as far away from the Earth as you can. Now reverse your view. Look at the Earth from as far away as you can imagine. That journey you just took would have taken 33 light years in 2007, and been entirely impossible.

33 years.
Seems a long time, doesn’t it? It’s not even the hint of a twitch of a wink of the world. The house i live in is 50.

:abrupt ending from rambling realization:

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