Dear Mr. Jobs,

Three things. (actuall4 now that i think about it);

How about iTunes credit?

I personally don’t understand why you are giving a rebate. Wait I do. You turned on so many new technology buyers with the iPhone, that they aren’t used to the quick obsfuscation of emerging technolgies. The 30 inch cinema display dropped over $1000, with weeks of my purchasing it. Thats how it goes.

2. Actually isn’t for you Steve, thanks for the killer retuning of apple, put eyes and wheels on a cube and re-release it.
b. rotatingcrew – group people in skill and each company buys a certain number of teeth on that persons gear. gears can connect and grow depending on how they know people. Compare this to the current way digital talent is traded in the industry and buying/trading teeth becomes a faster, more productive machine. Picture today, a lot of spinning gears, some small, some huge and connected like “walmart”. but most of the small ones aren’t meshing.

Mesh up the gears by rotating crews. syncsociety. Need flash hours? Bid on them, trade them if you have too many, buy them if you are short. work flows thru the main hub to gears.
more work is done faster if all the gears mesh.

III. I want my glasses to be able to take a picture by recognizing that i focused on a blink.
I want a pocket trash pickup device, with a tip, or tongs that can pick up and sanitarily store in my pocket. I would carry this when I walk my dogs, so put a poo pickup and storage component on it too.

so that was 4. two devices in C.

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