all around me

we need to group together before we tear each other apart for what will quickly change.

i wish we were descended from squirrels. not apes.

squirrels fit into every society.

apes create society by changing the environment.squirrels adapt to the environment.

i think the word “their” should be removed from the planetary dialect.
they’re and there are fine.
also lets redefine “i,you,we,they,us,our,is” good.

are we too complacant?
drinking beer?

those of us that get turned on usually die young. lets hope we can change that quickly.

solar solar solar. its all about solar energy. i dont understand why we are even toying with anything else.

gravity is a good energy i suppose. but that is so far beyond consideration now for any influence besides planetary coalesation, coalescence. coalesce.

how is coalescation not a word?

what is the product of the universe coalescing?

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