Death of the Microsite.

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(if you didnt read it) (tho 99% did)

I came across an interesting article preaching the death of the microsite. Does anyone think it has any merit?

Didn’t the web promise the death of print?

Everything is about evolution. Sadly our world is driven by the evolution of commerce. The microsite is no more dead than the web. The next evolution of the microsite, that unattainable… see

everything changes. and crowds move along. but you can’t go so extreme or so niche that you can forget where you came from
to quote Jurassic Park, and one of my least favorite actors, Jeff Goldblum, “you.. you stood on the shoulders of giants, and you .. you. never thought were you were headed”

badly paraphrased.

if you are still with me:

the web, our attention, is not about changing the way we see things. its about changing the things we see.

that means microsites will never go away. will they get more targeted? sure, so we can track you better. but thats about it. sharable mediums should be created, regardless AND seperate from the main focus. If you make a robot dog on your mySpace page dance and sing, if i click it, the last fucking thing i want to see, is that dog dancing and singing the same way.

plan for multiplicity. plan for the best scenario: someone comes to the site 40 times, over 40 days. do they get a unique experience each time?

imagine if someone just came 3 times?

call me. chuck we war.

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