Fun things that happened on my birthday

Not sure why, but I decided to google my birthdate.

Here’s some results:

June 15, 1973 “American Graffiti” opens in New York City
June 15, 1979 1st space shuttle SRB qualification test firing; 122 seconds
June 15, 1982 Supreme Court rules all children, regardless of citizenship, are entitled to a public education
June 15, 1985 En route to Halley’s Comet, U.S.S.R.’s Vega 2 drops lander on Venus
June 15, 1985 “Pryor’s Place,” children show last airs on CBS-TV
June 15, 1988 NASA launches space vehicle S-213
June 15, 1992 During spelling bee, VP Dan Quayle misspells potato, as potatoe
June 15, 2004 NBA Finals, Detroit Pistons beat Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 1

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