Astronomy and Astrology

I’ve always been fascinated by both Astronomy and Astrology, and lately I’m convinced that there is a real connection between them. If the gravity of the moon can make the tides, think what the gravity of a black hole can do. I think that the alignment of the earth to the rest of the universe, specifically black hole locations has a bearing on the way that the human brain develops during its embryonic state. Thus the influence of these gravities from their locations during the time of your gestation causes subtle differences in the way your brain grows and results in the differences between the astrological signs.
I could be completely wrong, but it fits into my views on gravity, the universe and theology as well. During the year, the Earth changes position just enough to allow for different areas of the rest of the universe to effect us. The sun’s gravity would overwhelm the pull of stars and black holes on the opposite side of it, thus negating their influence.
Just a thought I’ve had for a while that I wanted to get out of my head.

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