Ok. I’m glad they are all ok.

And, honestly, ive only seen headlines about the recent octuplet birth.
99% sure they used some kind of “give me a baby” pill.

WTF. We cant feed the people that exist, nor can the planet sustain our current population, yet we keep making more? What does the birthrate exceed the death rate by now? 10 to 1? (4 to 1 last i checked, just trying to get some excitement)


“How can I help? Recycle?”
YES. Recycling will help.

Having 1 or less children will also. I can’t believe I am going to publish this, but STOP HAVING KIDS. Really. It’s all messy. Humanity will probably make it past. The best way we can assure we do? Less of us.


One of the things I’ve looked forward to since maturity (techincally I’m not there yet) has been raising my own children.

I don’t know if that’s a good idea anymore. I need to fight against the people with 3+ that shouldn’t have had one. But now can I even hope for that one blessed child? People I love should have had tons of kids, and they all would have helped the future world, but “god” said only have one. Really? Why? What?

One person is too small to put all our hopes on. When Jesus was Jesus, he didn’t have the burden of expectataion. Time was ripe to change and it changed. Now this world is too small to save in the same way. We must all do it together.

The more i learn about astronomy and religion, the more i know they are one. It’s ok. Really. What if we all are Jesus? Why would that be bad? Keep the faith of the message. “Do the best you can with what you are given”. How can you hope to transcend that?

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