Written Specifically for Everybody

Really? The Bible was specifically written for everybody? What the heck does that mean? I’m watching a brainwashing show on EWTN for kids, and its REALLY REALLY creepy. Planted questions with kids. Terribly animated cartoons that say “everything in the bible is true”.

Holy Shit.

Someone needs to stop this.

6 questions they postulate on the next show:

1. what is your greatest gift? (paraphrased) the answer was love (actual question: “What is the most important, positive power in your life”)

3. (I had to rewind my DVR to get this whole question, it was shown for about 2 seconds:

“If love is the one power that seeks the positive in itself, and we are made to find our purpose in life through love, could God (perfect Being), who created us with this loving nature, be devoid of love?” (shown with a blond mom hugging a very blond daughter) (now the preacher is mocking the ‘intelligent student’ he is using as an example)

4 (not sure why we are on 4 now) “If my desire for love can only be ultimately satisfied by unconditional Love, then could the Creator of this desire be anything less than Unconditional Love?”

[image of VERY white jesus]

hahah. “algorithmic finite structures” this guy is a piece of work. Trying to confuse the normal people. Oh 4th question now…

Same as 4 above…

The desire for unconditional love is caused by unconditional love? I don’t buy that.

Lets move on to 5.

5. “If the Creator is Unconditional Love, would He want to enter into a relationship with us of intense empathy, that is, would He want to be Emmanuel (‘God with us’)?”

Oh, grabbing strong onto love and empathy, “sympathetic vibration. God wanted to be with us because he is unconditional love…

6. “If it would be typical of the unconditionally loving God to want to be fully with us, this is Jesus the One?”

Now we get Q2: “Could God be devoid of that love?”

Name of the show is “5 pillars of the spiritual live”. Each slide that they show says “Six Philosophical Questions”
And now, 3 is> “Do we desire some love or unconditional love?”
Q4 has now changed to: “Could the Creator of my desire for love be anything less than Unconditional Love?”

When you intentionally confuse your audience to try and get them to buy into your idea you are a charlatan and evil. This show is evil. Most advertising is evil.

What a loaded piece of shit. “Typical” of God? What is typical? Why put that there, and he said it over and over.

Man, we gotta change this.


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