Graviton? WTF An open letter to Particle Physicists

Dear Particle Physicists;
Can I use your theories on my day to day job? That would be awesome;
Client: “Josh we hired you to make this website, but some of the sections are missing?”
Josh: “Oh, lets see, what happened? Oh yeah, some invisible things that you can’t see or measure took the missing sections into another dimension.”
Client: “Excuse me?”
Josh: “Yeah. And I have nothing to prove it by. You can’t prove it, because they aren’t there. If you devise a way to see into these other made up universes, your sections are there..”

Essentially this is the bullshit being passed off with “gravitons” and the other made up crap that modern day physicists are theorizing. Higgs field? Really? Here’s a thought. What if the theory you are trying to plug holes up on is fundamentally wrong? What if you are over complicating something that is already so over complicated that you can get away with spending millions of dollars trying to prove the existence of things that admittedly don’t exist?

Try looking at the fundamental problems again. And take a step back. Is there REALLY a problem with the gravitational theory as Einstein proposed? Or is it the math itself that is wrong?

Please email me to discuss further.

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