The i-ching keeps telling me to stand still. P’i. Again for the third time. I don’t know what to make of this repeat repeat repeat repeat fortune. I get it. Stop screwing up. But I can’t stand here alone much longer. I need to get out, I need to get back up and fight again.

pi tattoo
pi tattoo

On a more positive note, a fat black squirrel has been coming to my feeder lately. She’s been there almost every morning when I open the shades. Note to self: more squirrel food.


  1. Is it simply “standstill” or are you missing a context? Perhaps it keeps occurring because you need to know something or need to assess something that is making you stand still – something that is blocking your emotions or your way that you haven’t dealth with or assessed yet. Perhaps it’s not so much instruction as it is simply trying to illuminate something that you haven’t seen or dealt with yet, and therefore you’re not able to move forward and fight. ??? Just a thought ….

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