Significance of 21 – How Awareness Changes Reality

Significance of 21 – How Awareness Changes Reality or “Why does everyone have a mustache when you do?”
I was asked about the significance of the number 21 in my life, due to today being International Squirrel Appreciation Day which happens to be the 21st. I had to think about it for a minute and traced the initial noticing of it after I was nicknamed TwoOne. Which made me think: Did the number 21 suddenly start occurring more around me, or is it that my awareness of these occurrences increased?
For the record here are the references to 21 that I was able to come up with:

  • TwoOne – nickname
  • The best issue of the original G.I.Joe comic is 21 – Snake Eyes silent interlude
  • Wonder Woman 21 is the source of the sun design in my tattoo
  • International Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21st
  • The solstices occur on the 21sts
  • The 21 – Universe card in Tarot comes up more frequently than others for me

Currently that’s all I came up with, which is not a huge number by any means. So the real question is repeated – whats the importance of 21 in my life? From my list only the first and the last have unique meaning to me. The coincidence of Squirrel Day falling on the 21st is strange, but probably nothing more than that.
But it feels more to me, perception alters reality. I notice it more when it does occur, therefore I perceive it happens more frequently than other numbers.

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