So time always passes.
Always. What do you do with yours?
Mine? I fritter and waste it, as if some commodity like oil. “hey its sweet time, it wont matter, fish like it”
I know what I should be doing. Have for some long time. I did well with it for a moment. And now it is gone again.
Can we get it back? Nope. Move forward? Always. So now what do i do. i know what i should. im very very far away from where i know i need to be. and left to my own devices will slowly drift away further.
At some point, that should have occurred long ago, I needed to choose a direction for my life and run with it. I know people that did, and they are very successful. Happy? Sometimes. Same as me. But the one thing i take away from all of it, is a quote from a woman that dresses as Wonder Woman. (paraphrasing)
“It doesn’t matter if i make it, what’s important, is that I’m doing what I love”
And the circumstances of that quote make it even better. Live your life now, while you have life. Do well NOW while you have life. It doesn’t matter after this. Nothing is known. Do it now. Do it right. Do it well.

This is what I am not doing. At all yet.

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