Wonder Woman

I have to chime in.
Thankfully, Wonder Woman has been getting a ton of press due to the recent costume change.
This is a good thing. Anything that makes people buy more issues of Wonder Woman I am for.
The team on the book is incredibly talented. J. Michael Straczynski has proven to be a well respected writer that can hopefully handle the character he’s been given to write. The artist, Don Kramer, I know will make Diana look better than she has in decades. Don is brilliant.
Before I digress into rants, let me remind you of the HORRORS that John Byrne subjected our heroine to. Apparently everyone has forgotten the horrid Deadato black outfit times, and for a good reason; it took the character in the wrong direction.

While I personally don’t care for the new look, I do have hope and faith in the team on the book to do the right thing.

A ‘street tough’ Diana has been done and is an unnecessary direction for the character, but I’m willing to give these guys a chance. At the end of the issue, I know I will have enjoyed the art.

I’d post here what I think they should do with her, but I still harbor the hopes of helping this character. Suppose I should gather up the last 20 years of notes and start. That being said, as a writer, ‘relaunching’ Wonder Woman, I could only hope and pray to have such an incredible artist as Don Kramer to help me.

It’s all about the Details
When you tackle an iconic character as Diana, the key is in the details. You can’t just abandon history, and try to put your spin on it. Even temporary. It’s crucial to respect the history of this wonder. She is older than anyone reading her. And the fans that stick through are aware of it all. Do we need new fans? Of course, and seeing a bit on the ABC news and in the New York Times probably makes DC think they succeeded. And they did.

But they have disrespected the character and the fans. Diana has a well established history. Fight for peace. Warrior for truth. Champion of justice. Wonder Woman was established on a core of values that people seem to have forgotten, especially those writing her. Now is the best time ever to bring a warrior of peace to the forefront. Putting her in another dumb jacket and black tights is not the way. It got media, sure. But its not the right way.

Come on DC. Respect Wonder Woman as much as her fans do. That’s all we ask.

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