iPhone no longer serves its purpose

I love my iPhone.

It’s a first gen, I bought it the day after launch. It’s served me well for much longer than a standard cel phone would.

However today, it failed miserably. Don’t get me wrong, it has short comings and fails often. But today’s was inexcusable.
Apparently I received a call at the same time an app (my ebay app specifically) decided to push an update. My phone half rang, and by the time I picked it up, the only alert on the screen was from eBay letting me know a saved search had new items.

Cut to: 4 hours later, wondering what happened to the expected call (that I now know was killed by the alert) and I text the person who confirms the call attempt, but that it wasn’t answered, so I lost my window.

Thanks a lot Apple. Here is a hint: its called an iPHONE. The phone, while seems to be pushed to the bottom, is the PRIMARY function of this device still. When some useless alert from an app overrides a phone call, we have a problem. Maybe look into that. And for the love of tech, just put flash on the iPad. I don’t need it on my iPhone, but the iPad SUCKS without flash.

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