Social Media: Cleveraging

Turning other companies social media initiatives in your favor.
Recently to promote Transformers 3, a facebook based game was launched where people play Autobots or Decepticons and try to take over the web for their side. The facebook app includes a top 20 battle sites listing. When I saw this I immediately thought of how we could leverage this listing to get my company’s site featured. So I’ve been playing the game a lot. is currently the only top 20 site held by decepticons and is ranked in the top 10, alongside google, yahoo, facebook and the app site itself. Our site has had a dramatic increase in traffic.

So are they going to pages? Yes, people are going to more than one page, which may be helped by Speedshape having done work for Transformers and Chevrolet in the past, but still. Someone else paid for this promotion. I am simply wasting some time with it and generating traffic to my site.

Cleveraging. Enjoy your new gorilla social media experience.

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