T-Shirts by Group: Group 16 SQUIRRELS

Hard to believe I hadn’t worn a t-shirt with a squirrel on it since before July!
This is the end. Squirrel shirts. Apparently I have 30. One last one tomorrow for the finale.
The Ghostbusters shirts gets a special guest pass, as it was given to me as a gift, but couldn’t be the last shirt for this strange experiment.

The final count (again 1 more to go tomorrow): 211
How appropriate. 21 shows up again. And also this is gallery number 21 for my blog as well. Too bad it didn’t end on the 21st of the month (which also happened to be my Mom’s birthday), but still 2/2012…

And, there is one t-shirt in the mail somewhere, but it can wait until the next run to make it in.
Now I just need to weed out the retired ones, figure out the sequence for the next time, and start again. I think I’ll wear a suit to work on Monday.

[nggallery id=21]

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