Exuberant Intimacy

Laughing as we go.
Melting into nothing.

Do I know how? I am in a place I never thought I’d find again. Better than ‘again’…something more than I could imagine.

Why am i still here? What am i doing? I am surrounded by an energy that makes me want to curl up in a ball. Hold it close and keep it all for myself. Embracing the warmth of it and letting it flow over my body is all i want to do. Everything about it feels right, as to what i’ve been seeking this whole time. The only part that worries me is me.

Something good. i still question my worth. A good sleep, a true sleep, would do me well. My mind imagines things.

iTunes throws on a dramatic piece with Holst – The Planets – Mercury. Light and playful but with tones of emotion.

What does it all mean? I can’t hear any of Holst’s work without thinking of Jupiter.

Followed by ‘Hot Hot Hot’ from the Cure. Almost as if it knows.

Lightning. Stikes. Don’t ask when or where or why or how.
Jupiter disputes your theory that gravity is a weak force. Defeating gravity locally is simple, defeating it across a galaxy is impossible and might provide insight to ‘dark matter’ if you would be willing to consider that your equations are wrong.

i wasn’t here to talk about lightning or Jupiter, but things evolve. I don’t believe in dark matter. I think we are all ‘jesus’. The world won’t end this December, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

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