Did it again

I think I’ve done it again.
The Dragon is approaching. And I have local friends that I did’t hang out with since the last one.
Maybe an event here or there I saw them. I saw you. But not like we hung out.
This kind of thing makes me disappointed in myself. I get that I am ok being alone. But now that I’m not, I see what I’m missing.
Why the standoffishness? Why the alone?

What would I be remembered like, if it was over tonight? Not well, not as I see myself. Thats for sure.

My advice to myself: start dreaming heavily. Start doing those dreams. Live today. Not tomorrow.

One event can become many dreams realized. Take what you need, but be sure of what you want.
Dream on your own time.
Make something happen with your life, because no one else will.

It’s time for a new tattoo.

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