This time is redundant.
I woke up 5 seconds to early today.
I had a very real dream of waking up and turning off my alarm. As soon as I turned it off “in my dream” i woke up to my alarm.
This entire day felt as if i was 5 seconds off. And on facebook it was 5s ahead. This would explain my extra frustration on the drive home.
Why are we not happy with where we are?
Modern life has displaced the feeling of happy. I must be home, I have to be at work. I’m late.
For what?
What if this is it? Every moment you experience is not only that one time unique, but more so for being there and then?
We are too busy doing the devils work to appreciate the time we have.

All is now. This is Heaven.
This is also hell.
Its up to you to choose what you see and where you go.
Focus on the good. People, animals, squirrels.

There are no squirrels in hell.

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