Happy Birthday Gemini

I own many notebooks that have yet to be filled.
Stories, drawings, thoughts and ideas that have not made it from my head to your world.


You would think this long enough for the figuring of the out. Apparently not yet.
I have more than I ever wanted. I have more than I ever imagined.
I have more than I need.
I do nothing I should.
Where is the satisfaction? Where is the personal growth and reward? Mostly not in what I am doing daily. Mostly.
Kids story? Zilch. eBay enterprise? Stalled. Brilliant web comic? Never started. Product necessary for future life convenience? Only a drawing.
You may ask WTF. And I ask it too. WTF Josh?
What are you waiting for? This is the only life you get, regardless of what some religions would like you to believe.

My advice to you? Do something. Anything, but pick a direction and a focus. Aim your listlessness somewhere and see what may come from it. The results of actively pursuing a goal have been made abundantly clear. Do something.

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