I hate this current theme. Its like wearing someone else’s skin.
The words are still mine.
There are two puppies here that would much rather I do anything than type at this stupid oversized screen again.

I have no idea why you are here. But I have a guess as to why I am tonight.

Dreams. Hopes. Reality. Higgs. Dark Matter. Love. Pain. All of the above.


As it passes by, that is the problem. Don’t let it pass by. Decide. Change. Direct. Cause. Create. Do.

Music passes over my life like a hurricane. Words and sounds are strangely profound and always well times. Mostly because we gravitate to what we need. Everyone has a mustache when you do. Half the time I hope I know what I’m doing. Half the time I hope I am wrong. This seems to work out pretty regularly. Balance. Moderation.
Ying and Yang.
This is the Chinese year of the dragon, which isn’t all that unique, but it feels important this year.
A lot of things feel important this year, sadly most of them are crazy dreams.

Dream on my child, dream on.

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