So, if you’ve known me since I was 2 or 3, you’ve known that I suck at sleeping.
It’s probably always been an issue with my memory and recall, but recently its been something that has obviously, directly, impacted my job, my career, and my life. So I started to take notice. I went to a sleep clinic. They had no idea, just hoped it was sleep apnea, but then just guessed at drugs. Lunesta, Ambien.
I still suck at sleep. I got a sweet tech item that tracked sleep, but it gave me perfect “sleep scores” based on my movement and breathing. It can’t know I’m awake and just laying there.
I bought a pillow, that was promised to be the best pillow ever, and it makes my neck hurt.
I’m tired of not sleeping. I know it has killed my creativity, my career, and it’s making me less of a good husband to my wife. Please help me sleep.

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