Our percieved reality and everything in it is a reslut of evolution across multiple universes. Steven Hawkings new theory on black holes (at least as discovery channel told me) considers that the data lost into black holes is not lost, but vented into other universes. In parallel universes that backContinue Reading

Not that I was really “not” addcited to Warcraft, but playing my Shaman recently has really gotten me back into it. I need to find a balance for time.

i really think i have figured out the universe. ive thought it for a long time itsallaboutthecoalescationof it all.

real time choose your own office adventure choose your own adventure hour based. 24. each hour you have to come back to site to make choice. if miss, it skips past. chrylser choose your own adventure

its rediculously stupid how everything that im working on, from personal, to dreams, to work, are all converging. coalescing. comic bloc is a user generated brand loyalty site. dffl is a content driven, viral brand site, looking for loyalty. how do we merge this all together, and maintain sanity fromContinue Reading