i wanted a snack now, but didnt find anything i was looking for. heres what sounds good: pinapple granola crunch dried pinapple oatmeal flakes puffed rice cereal // crumbled tortilla chips // if you need salty raisins sunflower seeds anything else?

when it hits,when my brain turns on, it seems usually no one is around. and then later it makes less sense. we are trying. to change it. to change us. to change you. do everything now, it is the only time.

so many things are swirling. coming together. not so much coalesation, but more a convergence. there are a lot of ways that this can go. i’m hoping to actually choose and steer one this time. i am not planning on doing it alone. the best time to do anything isContinue Reading

i’m tired of doing other peoples work. i need to do my own. work on my own dreams again.

I really think that cala is chessie. Chessie is one of my oldest and longest friends. Cala the dog is easily qualified as a relative of him. A reincarnation. Chessie and me in 1980: Chessie and me in 1995: