what if intelligent civilations have been sending us signals. from nearby. close enough to influence but too far to see, for now. star signs. intelligence:intentional focus on a subject for purpose of learning

Every atom [insert smallest particle you’ve “discovered” here] in your body is being effected and affected by gravity. But we don’t know what gravity is. I do. Gravity is the observation of coalesation of shared matter across multiple dimensions. Time? Can you have gravity without time? Time without gravity? Observation.Continue Reading

Origin of Snake Eyes Trigram: Arashikage Clan – Centuries Old [blockquote]Clan Leader – Hard Master (1879-1986)[/blockquote] “i don’t remember what i burned on myself”

i keep losing my train of thought. the bar for intelligent childrens books has been set pretty high. go read “polar bear night”. for as long as i can remember i’ve thought about writing and illustrating intelligent, educational stuff for kids, that will also be fun for the parents. theContinue Reading

i havent been keeping up with my thoughts on paper. but they still need to get out of my head. so here we are. where are we? michagan. cold, grey michigan.