Connie and I have returned safe and sound from our 3rd, and the 9th annual MINIs on the Dragon in the mountains of North Carolina/Tennessee. Pictures to come shortly, still decompressing and cleaning things up. Connie was perfect the entire trip, from the 10 hour drive down, the high speedContinue Reading

October. Its October. Do you know how close the moon is. Can you taste mercury? What is jupiter made of? Blood, yes, gravity draws fire in the end Time tastes heavily onto heads waves of us destroy lies fingers into flames burn your only hopes time wasted. burned dreams freeContinue Reading

This time and place seem to pass so transiently a tiny target. something so small. what if you are aiming at it all along? Squirrels have the best tails in the entire animal kingdom.

The waves are finally healed enough to get a good picture: Life, the universe and everything. As represented by squirrel family tree, water, and a squirrel respectively. Had the squirrel, chakik updated, added the tree (scientific squirrel family tree) and waves. :) Waves are a complete band around my arm,Continue Reading