From woot. A new one since I started this all. It’s a kid releasing fireflies into the night sky to become stars. I like it because I want to give chakik a lightning bug friend.

why are you here? now? no, really, why are you here? do you know me? perhaps i told you? maybe you think im Joe? why here and why now? no that is the wrong question. of course here and of course now, the question is WHICH WAY?

actually Chakik would be my little friend. Say hello to the new tattoo: You can see the ‘branding’ scars under it, the artist’s concern was with such a mathematically precise design, it would not take properly over the scars. Soooo… i get to come up with some kind of organic/fadedContinue Reading

9:19:59 Joshua: cala is the dog, that met the turtle, that introduced the whale to the squirrel some steps missing. but that was on July 12, 2007