This time is redundant. I woke up 5 seconds to early today. I had a very real dream of waking up and turning off my alarm. As soon as I turned it off “in my dream” i woke up to my alarm. This entire day felt as if i wasContinue Reading

I think I’ve done it again. The Dragon is approaching. And I have local friends that I did’t hang out with since the last one. Maybe an event here or there I saw them. I saw you. But not like we hung out. This kind of thing makes me disappointedContinue Reading

In between t-shirts, comic bloc and life, a squirrel finally moved into the squirrel house I’ve had attached to my garage for a few years now. It’s too low for them to feel very safe, but hopefully its warm and out of the wind. I know someone lives there, becauseContinue Reading