“In December, the U.N. General Assembly gave a green light to start renovating the 39-story glass-and-steel building, which has not seen a major overhaul in its 55-year existence and now violates safety and fire codes.” the footer of an article about the UN website getting hacked. everything i’ve been readingContinue Reading

saw another example of backwards time tonight. cant remember specific now tho. :) anyone that knows what i mean and wants to help, please identify yourselves soon. weeks? days. years? hours. minutes? months man come on. seconds? we all must do something soon with this time we have. to squanderContinue Reading

http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/Extra/KnockKnockItIsYourBigMac.aspx we need to show our way of life ISNT mcdonalds, or target or kroger or walmart. our way of life is shared, true, information. at least it should be. competitive information. how far the meat and fries come, as to how far they go. globalization kills us thru theContinue Reading

heat is a reaction that can be translated by the brain as both pain and pleasure. The brain translates perceptive feelings that the Direct Sensory Inputs from our bodies report; touch, smell, tastse, sound, sight. nerves transfer the message from our DSI to the brain.

its rediculously stupid how everything that im working on, from personal, to dreams, to work, are all converging. coalescing. comic bloc is a user generated brand loyalty site. dffl is a content driven, viral brand site, looking for loyalty. how do we merge this all together, and maintain sanity fromContinue Reading

when it hits,when my brain turns on, it seems usually no one is around. and then later it makes less sense. we are trying. to change it. to change us. to change you. do everything now, it is the only time.

so many things are swirling. coming together. not so much coalesation, but more a convergence. there are a lot of ways that this can go. i’m hoping to actually choose and steer one this time. i am not planning on doing it alone. the best time to do anything isContinue Reading

i’m tired of doing other peoples work. i need to do my own. work on my own dreams again.