Brilliant. I got glue where I can’t clear it out. May be it needs to be there. Almost played make believe with people today. We all just kinda met in the middle. Sure would have loved to be in the art show. Even tho it was empty. Now we haveContinue Reading

This time is redundant. I woke up 5 seconds to early today. I had a very real dream of waking up and turning off my alarm. As soon as I turned it off “in my dream” i woke up to my alarm. This entire day felt as if i wasContinue Reading

I think I’ve done it again. The Dragon is approaching. And I have local friends that I did’t hang out with since the last one. Maybe an event here or there I saw them. I saw you. But not like we hung out. This kind of thing makes me disappointedContinue Reading

Back safely from another successful year at SDCC! Great to see everyone as always. There weren’t a lot of panels and discussions I was interested in this year, so I mostly wandered the floor taking random photos. Some of the better ones are below. Turns out 3 of the 4Continue Reading