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time karma people power force dreams shared unity us all see everything do you understand the signifigance of what i did tonight? child of loneliness met another at random tonight turned out exactly as i typed it. if you recognized it or not. im sorry bill. i knew you neededContinue Reading

too much as always too fast i keep freaking people out. i dont makefriends. the people i want as friends i dont talk to. what is going on. you know, and i know, and we know what is wrong. why is it stillunfixed. i spilled margarita on my fancy keyboard,Continue Reading

The weird reverse time thing is happening again. Phish vs Psychology. Adds on my site were that. Ringtones and jobs in the UK. 7:45; 7:50; 7:05; 9:24; 8:20 can you guess?

gravity all the way my dreams unknown pulled before definition and pain they know my face cannot hide here we must do this now no one cares except ourselves. do it now. just do it now.

Our percieved reality and everything in it is a reslut of evolution across multiple universes. Steven Hawkings new theory on black holes (at least as discovery channel told me) considers that the data lost into black holes is not lost, but vented into other universes. In parallel universes that backContinue Reading