I have so many half started projects, I decided to start a project to keep track of them. Thus the new homepage. Its a bit overwhelming but at least its out there now. Just pick one and finish it, then move on to the next. One step at at time.

So I was surfing some autosites this morning, and came across an image of the 2014 Ford Cobra Jet drag car, which has a really cool looking Cobra graphic on the side. One that looks amazingly like the graphic I created for the 2014 Mustang Customizer (http://www.ford.com/cars/mustang/customizer/) I can’t helpContinue Reading

This time is redundant. I woke up 5 seconds to early today. I had a very real dream of waking up and turning off my alarm. As soon as I turned it off “in my dream” i woke up to my alarm. This entire day felt as if i wasContinue Reading