its interesting how everything coalesceses. pretty sure that is a word. why are we here? what are we doing? anyone who knows me well knows i have a complex. tonight it fired hard. what if i’m supposed to change it all digitally? in 100, 200 years,  isnt that magic again?Continue Reading

cont here: (if you didnt read it) (tho 99% did) I came across an interesting article preaching the death of the microsite. Does anyone think it has any merit? Didn’t the web promise the death of print? Everything is about evolution. Sadly our world is driven by the evolutionContinue Reading

whats a new way to sell things to you? we’ve seen blogs, video blogs, tattoos, parties, even ads in ads. whats next? thats what ive been tasked to answer at work. i love coming up with fun new ideas for corporate sponsored media outlets. at the same time i thinkContinue Reading

saw another example of backwards time tonight. cant remember specific now tho. :) anyone that knows what i mean and wants to help, please identify yourselves soon. weeks? days. years? hours. minutes? months man come on. seconds? we all must do something soon with this time we have. to squanderContinue Reading we need to show our way of life ISNT mcdonalds, or target or kroger or walmart. our way of life is shared, true, information. at least it should be. competitive information. how far the meat and fries come, as to how far they go. globalization kills us thru theContinue Reading

heat is a reaction that can be translated by the brain as both pain and pleasure. The brain translates perceptive feelings that the Direct Sensory Inputs from our bodies report; touch, smell, tastse, sound, sight. nerves transfer the message from our DSI to the brain.

met a guy named bill in the park tonight. i like bill. lets change knowledge as its shared and presented to children together. lets do that. i think i like how it sounds. youth something something. lets change the way the world changes.