so yeah., now we need to stop a lot of others. bring it. easy. im stopping here easy. just fix the shit please.

AT-AT. Get it? Seriously people, its not that clever. But it is Star Wars. Wonder whats jacked up with my shoulders, the left one is always higher. Probably should get that checked out.

Tshirt 003. “Alien Workshop” Skate t. This shirt got me to first in line at the Bubba Gump Shimpshop in Montery Bay site because the line guy was a skater. :)

I have to chime in. Thankfully, Wonder Woman has been getting a ton of press due to the recent costume change. This is a good thing. Anything that makes people buy more issues of Wonder Woman I am for. The team on the book is incredibly talented. J. Michael StraczynskiContinue Reading

Whats better? Someone who makes their life from reporting on superheroes and life; or someone that makes superheroes their life? One is way harder. You can write. You can draw. You can ink. You can color. Easy. You can put this heroes skin on every day? Crazy. Seriously. Crazy. ButContinue Reading

im kinda having fun that no thumb nails are posted. i dont need an image for my thoughts. they have some, but it is not necessary. Guitars, Drums, Words. That will transport me as much, if not further than pictures. Now would be a good time to make my own;Continue Reading

I want to write children’s stories about a squirrel that goes on adventures across the planet and teaches biological and sociological and philosophical well being to people.