Why HAL sings daisy bell in 2001. This correlation, coincidence, randomness nonrandom is slightly unsettling. You’ll look sweet, upon a seat, of a bicycle built for to. There are some things in my life now that are intrinsically tied to other things. This is one that was simply a songContinue Reading

This one is for you mom; Once again i asked a question of the I Ching. Once again it gave me the same answer twice. This time, both readings resulted in the 24th hexagram, Fú. The Turning Point.. The best summary : “Turning back or returning. Reaching the point ofContinue Reading

New friend for Cala and me today. Jinx the cat! Yay. He hasn’t come out of his crate yet.

Started following @waybis on twitter, and he posted this link: http://www.nibipedia.com/app.html?view=video&videoId=FG-r-oTrBMM&nib=Large_Hadron_Collider&playlist=37BA5B9D83F6D451 Good overview of the whole BS of gravitons.