HAHA. Just found this. Fantastic if you are a WoW addict: hmm click into it to see the video, not showing up on the main page for some reason.

Don’t have to wait! Jimi Hendrix : Axis: Bold As Love : Wait Until Tomorrow and from pinging my offline self: from the professor: * is listening to South City Midnight Lady by The Doobie Brothers * 6:49:56 PM from the -1h: ** is listening to Flash Gordon Theme byContinue Reading

met a guy named bill in the park tonight. i like bill. lets change knowledge as its shared and presented to children together. lets do that. i think i like how it sounds. youth something something. lets change the way the world changes.

Not sure what I’m writing. Just felt like a while since I downloaded. There is a big pile of mess here. Right now. As always. Maybe someday? Sorry Durdle, we need to walk more I know.

i wanted a snack now, but didnt find anything i was looking for. heres what sounds good: pinapple granola crunch dried pinapple oatmeal flakes puffed rice cereal // crumbled tortilla chips // if you need salty raisins sunflower seeds anything else?