2011 T-Shirt Off has reached its inevitable conclusion. Since July 25, 2011 I have been wearing a different shirt every day, culminating with all my squirrel shirts (apparently 30) I saved “The Squirrel” for last and here it is. [singlepic id=581 w=100 h=75 ] The final results have not beenContinue Reading

In between t-shirts, comic bloc and life, a squirrel finally moved into the squirrel house I’ve had attached to my garage for a few years now. It’s too low for them to feel very safe, but hopefully its warm and out of the wind. I know someone lives there, becauseContinue Reading

Back safely from another successful year at SDCC! Great to see everyone as always. There weren’t a lot of panels and discussions I was interested in this year, so I mostly wandered the floor taking random photos. Some of the better ones are below. Turns out 3 of the 4Continue Reading