I’m thinking about getting another tattoo. I want to get the hexagram Pi from the Chinese book of the iChing. Thinking about putting it over the burns on my left arm. I drew it on in blue sharpie to see how I like it. Here is the meaning of theContinue Reading

we need to group together before we tear each other apart for what will quickly change. i wish we were descended from squirrels. not apes. squirrels fit into every society. apes create society by changing the environment.squirrels adapt to the environment. i think the word “their” should be removed fromContinue Reading

Every atom [insert smallest particle you’ve “discovered” here] in your body is being effected and affected by gravity. But we don’t know what gravity is. I do. Gravity is the observation of coalesation of shared matter across multiple dimensions. Time? Can you have gravity without time? Time without gravity? Observation.Continue Reading