2011 T-Shirt Off has reached its inevitable conclusion. Since July 25, 2011 I have been wearing a different shirt every day, culminating with all my squirrel shirts (apparently 30) I saved “The Squirrel” for last and here it is. [singlepic id=581 w=100 h=75 ] The final results have not beenContinue Reading

Just a mess of randomness at this point. Getting near the end. Finding some shirts that were missed during their proper groups… [nggallery id=19]

Group 13. A few comic related shirts, some cartoony styled ones. Mostly misc again tho. Capped again with a Detroit Red Wings Shirt. Not on purpose. This takes us up to 135. I still have at least 2 drawers to go, including the finale: Squirrel shirts until your head asplodes!Continue Reading