Group 11. Calling this one Sci-Fi and Fantasy. A couple of Firefly shirts, more Star Wars shirts too. We hit triple digits with this set! Number 100 being a shirt that was not in my collection when this madness began: The Peanuts gang as the crew from Firefly. [nggallery id=16]

Finally getting these up here. Group 10 is a set of comic book inspired shirts. Turns out I have more than this, not sure why I broke this set up. But I did. [nggallery id=15]

Michigan based shirts. You can tell I didn’t plan these out well, as whales and sea creatures should have been together, and my Red Wings shirts probably fit in here better than with the nod to the octopus. Oh well… next year we’ll take suggestions for categories. We are upContinue Reading

Perhaps Grimace from the last group should have started this one, but he seemed a good transition from meat to mythology. A few of these might be a stretch, but they didn’t really fit anywhere else. [nggallery id=11]