Squirrel SHIRT! This one was $1 on ebay. Its a crappy design, but for $4 total with shipping I couldn’t resist. Supposedly a squirrel stole an entire jar of peanut butter. This is supposed to show that. Blue.

Yay. Squirrel shirt. Says “Squirrels: Natures Little Speed Bumps” :( Tan. Also wearing some leather cuffs, for my halloween costume. Muh-hahah! Hooray for squirrels!

Yay! Squirrel shirt! I didn’t own this shirt at the onset of this experiment. Woot offered it up a few weeks ago, and I had to add it to the drawers. Tan.

Yay, squirrel shirt. “poop on you” classily off center on the back. from quirkysquirrel.com site claims they are a new apparel company, but i don’t see anything new from when i bought this. blue! this makes 12 squirrel shirts, if i’ve tagged them all correctly. i know i have atContinue Reading