Word press update seems to have blown up something in my database as well as the skin I was using. Looks like I was able to salvage all the posts thankfully. Guess we needed a new look anyway. Merry Christmas…

Detroit Tuned Rocks. www.detroittuned.com Go buy some MINI stuff from him because Chad kicks ass. Fixed my exhaust rattle today and its like a new car.

iTunes 9 Genius feature rocks. It was pretty good before, but the latest release puts together amazing mixes that blow any radio station DJ away. It also creates mixes bases on music genre automatically. I’ve been using it so much I haven’t really tested if they improved shuffle. Way toContinue Reading

Its LIVE! Go check out the amazing 3D game we just made! http://www.headandshoulders.com/en_US/troytacklesmore/troy_game/default.jsp Hopefully we get some recognition and awards for this one, its pretty bad ass.

Still for sale! Tekken 2 and 3 in a very nice cabinet. Here’s some pictures: