Three things. (actuall4 now that i think about it); How about iTunes credit? I personally don’t understand why you are giving a rebate. Wait I do. You turned on so many new technology buyers with the iPhone, that they aren’t used to the quick obsfuscation of emerging technolgies. The 30Continue Reading

Here are the colors I use for my AS settings: Fore: 999999      Bk: 0 Key: 3399CC      Comments: FF9900 Identify: 009933   Strings: 0099CC posted this here for me to keep track of. Thanks for looking.

HAHA. Just found this. Fantastic if you are a WoW addict: hmm click into it to see the video, not showing up on the main page for some reason.

Don’t have to wait! Jimi Hendrix : Axis: Bold As Love : Wait Until Tomorrow and from pinging my offline self: from the professor: * is listening to South City Midnight Lady by The Doobie Brothers * 6:49:56 PM from the -1h: ** is listening to Flash Gordon Theme byContinue Reading

According to microsoft’s Ad Center, the demographics of people visiting my site is more women than men, and 50+ Juicy irony after our “non-fireside” chats from Arizona!

Not that I was really “not” addcited to Warcraft, but playing my Shaman recently has really gotten me back into it. I need to find a balance for time.