Antigravity Squirrel

Gravity is NOT a weak force. And it’s definitely NOT leaking out into an 11th dimension. This is some of the dumbest science I have heard. Sure, a magnet can pick up a pin, thus “defeating” gravity. Yet gravity can hold the earth in orbit around the sun. Lets see you do that with a magnet.

M-Theory is equally skewed. The “tube membranes” almost make sense, as the coalescing particles of the bubbles popping. Parallel universes and 11th dimensions are unnecessary, made up bunk, for physicists who have become to lazy to really examine the true problems with current theories.

If you call yourself a “scientist” and the only way you are able to explain your current theories on OUR universe is by using the words “In a parallel universe” or “completely different rules”, you should seek a new career.

What caused the singularity? The previous universe collapsing onto itself thru black holes pulling everything together. Similar to the membrane collisions, but they don’t have to be parallel universes crashing into each other. You don’t need them, which is good, because they don’t exist. Look to bubbles. Look further at them. Michio Kaku has it. Almost.

The study of the earliest human perceptions in a direction of cosmic influence.

The study of the movement and position of observable objects in space and time.

Astrology Signs: areas of your brain have been specifically influenced by the alignment of the near universe at the time of your birth. Gravity.

Pulling from individual particles to individual particles across the deepest reaches of space with focus.

universal particle attraction = gravity.

More Universal therory: String Theory / M Theory


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