AT-AT! For those of you playing along, this is indeed my second AT-AT shirt. Very cool x-ray design. From TeeFury. Love the colors on this one.

IRON MAIDEN! Don’t Walk! Only my second Iron Maiden shirt EVER. I know crazy? I need to post the other one, it was one that got skipped. Features a sweet image of Eddie on a motorcycle, that you cant see because I’m posing coolly.

North Face: Never Stop Exploring. A classic one from campmor. I’m very lopsided in this one.

Flaming Devil head. This one I’ve had for a long time. Back in my wide leg pants days. Pretty sure got it at Pacific Sunwear. Hot!

Put on your 3D glasses now! From threadless. The 3D works, but not the great.

What is Grimace? We still don’t know, but we do know what he’s made up. From woot. I think.

Tshirt 014: “Carbon” from Another favorite, its starting to wear too. Love this color shirt.