Shirt 009? What will it be? OMGLASERGUNSPEWPEWPEW .com really? yes. octopus with laser guns that go pew pew. nice.

Tshirt 006 ComicCon 2010 custom printed shirt from the Wired party. Wired set up a nice party for ComicCon, one of the side attractions was custom screen printed shirts.

I’m so used to taking my picture every day to post here, that it seems strange not to. So I think I may continue chronicling my daily evolutions for a while. It should be interesting to compare how my hair and face change.

From woot. A new one since I started this all. It’s a kid releasing fireflies into the night sky to become stars. I like it because I want to give chakik a lightning bug friend.

Squirrel SHIRT! This one was $1 on ebay. Its a crappy design, but for $4 total with shipping I couldn’t resist. Supposedly a squirrel stole an entire jar of peanut butter. This is supposed to show that. Blue.