I haven’t worn this one in a long time. And got several comments on it. Kinda funny. Blue Jersey style. My “beard” was chopped up funky for Halloween party.

Second free one from work. Same deal. Light blue. I didn’t post yesterday because I was in bed most of the day. Food poisoning i think. I started to feel suck after lunch on friday, and it kicked my ass (literally) late friday night.

A skate shirt I bought long ago in the vucom days. “Fatness” brand cloting. I still like the color combo on this. Blue with lime green ringers.

Yay, squirrel shirt. “poop on you” classily off center on the back. from quirkysquirrel.com site claims they are a new apparel company, but i don’t see anything new from when i bought this. blue! this makes 12 squirrel shirts, if i’ve tagged them all correctly. i know i have atContinue Reading

I’m starting to doubt I have 100 shirts now. My drawers are almost empty. Getting into the miscreants. This one makes me laugh. If you don’t know me, know this: I like animals better than I like people. So to me, it makes this shirt that much funnier.

I have about 6 of these. From macromedia. Light blue. On the back it says “Make your web sites groovy baby”. Austin Powers riff. This picture is just after I came in off the roof. finally patched both chimneys. Get to go back up tomorrow and see how it dried.Continue Reading