2011 T-Shirt Off has reached its inevitable conclusion. Since July 25, 2011 I have been wearing a different shirt every day, culminating with all my squirrel shirts (apparently 30) I saved “The Squirrel” for last and here it is. [singlepic id=581 w=100 h=75 ] The final results have not beenContinue Reading

Minis on the Dragon 8, from this years MOTD. Has a cool illustration on the back. Maybe I’ll take another pic, since I am wearing it right now!

Ninja death. Or some clever title. From Threadless.com Usually gets comments.

17 in. whats up? HOLLA! “Octopus cuddle” another favorite from threadless. Brilliant illustration and always gets a double take. Sleeping octopus with his teddy. All is right in the world.