Paul Revers’s ride. One if by… HOLY SHIT ITS A GIANT FUCKING BRITISH ROBOT! JESUS! I’m paraphrasing here, but I’m guessing thats about how it went down. Threadless recent purchase.

AT-AT. Get it? Seriously people, its not that clever. But it is Star Wars. Wonder whats jacked up with my shoulders, the left one is always higher. Probably should get that checked out.

Tshirt 013: Konami Code: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Start! BAM! 20 guys. Contra Forever!

Shirt 012: Go MSU! Suck it U of M. Applacian State shirt, in honor of U of M football sucking. Suck it.

Shirt 007 (james bond, i should have planned ahead) Panda’s Revenge, not the right title. From Threadless. One of my favorites.

Another new one. From I have a soft spot for squirrels and squid/octopi :) Tomorrow is friday! I’m kinda used to how I look with very little hair. Just like last time that I shaved my head, I got quite a few compliments on it :)

A hold over from the cop car days. Got this when I got the K-9 Unit sticker for the Crown Vic. Gray.